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About Us

Hi, we’re Sweet Rae’s cookies. We started in 2017 by creating and baking cookies that we wanted to eat. These cookies are personal because we chose the exact ingredients that would make a yummy tasting cookie. All cookies are divinely separated. Here at Sweet Rae's we know family is a key ingredient in our recipe! We are named after my mother Rae, and our logo was inspired by a drawing that my daughter made showing her love and connection to her grandmother.

“I am dedicated to serving cookies for all to enjoy from Traditional to Gluten Free and Vegan varieties. It is my ultimate enjoyment for all cookie lovers to experience the taste and love baked in my cookies!"

Thank you for having us at your parties, events, given as corporate gifts, care packages sent loved ones and any other cookie occasion. #fortheloveofcookies



Cookies offered:

Chocolate chunk made with Belgium semi-sweet chocolate

Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Chip double chocolate goodness

Oatmeal Raisin traditional and awesome

White Chocolate Macadamia Nut yup enough said Sugar/Shortbread the perfect combination of sweet with a touch of salt

Gluten Free:

Almond Joy all that coconut, almonds, and chocolate have to offer

Chocolate Chip because Gluten Free folks want a Chocolate Chip cookie to call their own

Gluten Free and Vegan:

Raspberry Jam Buttons these button cookies are full of flavor from Pecans and Almonds and becoming a favorite of all cookies lovers, not just our beloved Vegan cookie lovers

img Call Us: 973-671-8707